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PIG® Essentials Oil-Only Mat Roll - Light Weight

  • Loose stacked-weave design increases surface area on spill; mat starts wicking on contact to save time in critical situations
  • Works equally well on land or water; floats when fully saturated
  • MeltBlown Mat provides quick, efficient cleanup to help protect the environment from contamination
  • MeltBlown polypropylene fibres are naturally hydrophobic and repel water (and float) while only absorbing oils and other hydrocarbons
  • Large-diameter MeltBlown polypropylene fibres are randomly assembled to create a lofty Mat that absorbs high volumes of liquid fast
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
ORL300 PIG® Essentials Oil-Only Mat Roll 91.4 m x 76 cm Absorbs 257 L/Package 1 roll/package

Safety Data Sheet

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