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PIG® Acid Encapsulating/Neutralising Socks

  • Encapsulate and neutralise the most common acid spills; great for battery charging, transport and storage areas
  • Colour changes as liquids are taken in, then remains in a colour-changed state when neutralization is complete; helps identify the best time to handle with the least amount of risk
  • Instantly absorbs up to 98% concentrations of sulfuric acid
  • Gelling agents solidify acids during neutralisation; prevents them from leaching out of sock
  • Not for use with hydrofluoric acid
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
PIG309 PIG® Acid Encapsulating/Neutralising Sock ext. dia. 5cm x 122cm L Absorbs 5.7 L/Box 4/Box

Safety Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet