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PIG® Grippy® Floor Mat Installation Tools

  • Grippy Floor Mat goes down even easier with these customised tools.
  • Installation Roller (GRP021) unrolls the mat as you push it along and smooths it into place without creating air pockets or bubbles. Ideal for use with any 91cm W Grippy Mat
  • Make precision cuts to adhesive-backed mats with the Safety Knife (GRP012); recessed blade has protective edges to help eliminate worker injuries and property damage
  • Stock up on replacement blades (GRP011) for easy operation of the safety knife
  • Convenient, pre-scored template (GRP001) guides the blade, producing clean, accurate cuts; can also be used as a float to quickly smooth out adhesive-backed mat in one pass. Connect two boards together for cutting or installing mats wider than 91cm or making diagonal cuts.
  • Removal Tool (GRP020) "locks" its jaws onto mat material, providing a firm handgrip for pulling up adhesive-backed mat
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
GRP001 Utility Board for Adhesive-Backed Grippy® Mat 97cm W x 15cm D n/a 1 each
GRP011 Safety Knife Replacement Blades for Safety Cutting Knife n/a n/a 10/Bag
GRP012 Safety Knife for Adhesive-Backed Grippy® Mat n/a n/a 1 each
GRP020 Removal Tool for Adhesive-Backed Grippy® Mat 9cm W x 19cm L x 13cm H n/a 1 each
GRP021 Smoothing Roller for Adhesive-Backed Grippy® Mat 97cm W x 147cm L n/a 1 each

Product Data Sheet

  • Removal Tool (UK)